The new single “How It Hurts” out now

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Vote for Manboy's "How It Hurts"

by Manboy

January 17

If you haven't picked out your favorite music video from the Emma nominees yet, you still have a day or so to choose! Do the right thing, you know what it is.


The very best of the best, director Teemu Niukkanen and one proud rock band at the press event for Emma.

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Manboy nominated for Emma

by Manboy

November 30

Manboy's "How It Hurts" is nominated as Best Music Video Of 2011 at the annual finnish music award gala Emma. Well, we did tell you Kennel Helsinki's Teemu Niukkanen is best director in the world! If you like the video too, please go and vote for it HERE and win VIP tickets to the gala held at 20th January in Helsinki.


Manboy says thanks, cheers and hooray for Teemu!

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"How It Hurts" one of the best videos of 2011

by Manboy

September 1

"How It Hurts" was selected as one of the best finnish music videos of the year at the annual Oulu Music Video Festival. Hooray for the director Teemu Niukkanen, hooray for us! Tune onto The Voice to see the video, or check it out here. It's reaching almost 40 000 hits on YouTube and Vimeo, not bad.

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Manboy becoming a Russian hit?

by Manboy

July 21

As Suosikki reported: our new single How It Hurts seems to be drawing attention in Russia. Hello there!


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New video "How It Hurts" out now

by Manboy

June 1

Check out our new music video for the next single "How It Hurts"!

Directed, edited and styled by Teemu Niukkanen from Kennel Helsinki. Manboy sends out loads of love to Teemu and his Kennel and everyone else involved in the video: Tuomas Järvelä (DP), Jonna Lehtinen (Set Design), Veikko Ruuskanen / Toast Post (Color Grade), Sumi Moreno (Make Up & Hair) and the beautiful girls in the video, Anna and Metti.

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New music video "Home" out now

February 2

The music video for our new single "Home" premiered yesterday on Voice. Now online too! It's been 10 years since our debut album was released, so we took a trip down memory lane and dug up some photos from the past decade. Thanks to everyone involved!

Photos taken by Dorit Salutskij, Mikko Rasila, Stella Harasek, Jutta Juvonen, Tiia Öhman, Petri Huhtinen, Janne Heikkilä and Junnu Luukkonen.

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by Manboy

December 18

Official music video coming up in January, hope you enjoy a trip down memory lane in the meanwhile.

Pics by Mikko Rasila, Stella Harasek, Dorit Salutskij, Bubble @ Twilight Cola, Tiia Öhman @ Unikissa, Petri Huhtinen and Junnu Luukkonen.

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New music video out now

by Manboy

June 6

Check out our new music video for "One Dollar Under God".

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Video premiere @ Voice

June 5

The video premiere for "One Dollar Under God" will be on Voice tomorrow 12:30 PM. The video is directed by Dan Peled, as was the music video for "Nothing Compares 2 U" - and many others too. Thanks Dan, love you more than flowers and bunnies.

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Making of a music video

May 7
Manboy making of Merihaka006
Manboy making of Merihaka005
Manboy making of Merihaka004
Manboy making of Merihaka003
Manboy making of Merihaka007
Manboy making of Merihaka001

"One Dollar Under God" in the make. Stay tuned!

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