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Get Something Wonderful

Something Wonderful

Interviews for Ilta-Sanomat and Voice

by Manboy

October 15

Manboy was featured in Voice and Ilta-Sanomat on fans, touring and supporting Hurts, check out the Ilta-Sanomat interview here and Voice's story over here.


Sorry folks, both are in Finnish!

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"How It Hurts" at NRJ this week

by Manboy

August 29

Our new single "How It Hurts" will be on air at NRJ with Karo's interview every day from Monday to Friday 29th August to 2nd September. If you like it, go and let 'em know!

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Manboy talks about love

by Manboy

June 21

We blame the folks at Helsinki Pride, but it wasn't that bad. Join us next week at Helsinki Pride Rocks! and spread the love - it is the theme of Helsinki Pride this year. The interview is only in finnish, sorry 'bout that!

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Unplugged @ Voice

by Manboy

May 17

Manboy visited Voice's evening show today and played a few acoustic songs from the new album, "One Dollar Under God" and the next upcoming single "How It Hurts". Many thanks to the friendly folks at Voice!


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Manboy says happy holidays

by Manboy

April 25

Manboy visited Radio X3M during Easter and played an unplugged version of "One Dollar Under God". More coming up, Karo's interview at Suomi TV will be out on May Day. Happy holidays, folks!


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Karo featured in Image

by Manboy

March 1

Karo is featured in a six-page interview in Image. Check March's issue 2/2011.


Photos by Mikko Ryhänen.

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Interview and acoustic live @ NRJ

February 8

Karo and Antti will be chatting about the new album and playing one or two songs on NRJ today at 7 PM, stay tuned!


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Acoustic live @ Radio Helsinki

February 1

If you missed Manboy's interview at Metroradio this morning, worry not - you have another chance at five this afternoon, when Karo and Antti are playing some tunes live at Radio Helsinki. Manboy goes acoustic, stay tuned!


Antti and Karo warming up @ Radio Helsinki.

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Manboy @ Voice Heräämö

February 1

Manboy visited Voice's morning show Heräämö today. Even Karo, late as always, made it! If you missed the show, check out the interview from The Voice's website: part one and part two.

The new music video for "Home" premiered at the show, it will be online later on today for your viewing pleasure.

PS. Just a quick reminder, our album is out tomorrow, so today is your last chance for the album preview: listen to "Something Wonderful" @ Voice!

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Album Of The Week @ YleX

January 24

"Something Wonderful" has been chosen as Album Of The Week at YleX. The good folks will be playing songs and chatting with Karo and Antti every day, tune on every morning around 10:20 AM! Check out also the interview on YleX website.

Karo and Antti

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