The new single “How It Hurts” out now

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Get Something Wonderful

Something Wonderful

Helsinki Pride Rocks today!

by Manboy

June 29

See you tonight at Helsinki Pride Rocks at Le Bonk! Single Sound and The Freza are playing before us, Manboy will get on stage at 00:30 AM.


Pic by Dorit Salutskij from another gig at Le Bonk a while ago.

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New tour date for Helsinki

by Manboy

June 22

As some of you know we had the cancel a few gigs a few weeks ago due to Karo's health issues - our apologies! We have set up a new date to cover for the gig we missed in Helsinki: we'll be playing at Bar Loose on Sat 6th of August. See you there! Will keep you posted about a new date in Lahti, still working on that one.

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Manboy talks about love

by Manboy

June 21

We blame the folks at Helsinki Pride, but it wasn't that bad. Join us next week at Helsinki Pride Rocks! and spread the love - it is the theme of Helsinki Pride this year. The interview is only in finnish, sorry 'bout that!

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New video "How It Hurts" out now

by Manboy

June 1

Check out our new music video for the next single "How It Hurts"!

Directed, edited and styled by Teemu Niukkanen from Kennel Helsinki. Manboy sends out loads of love to Teemu and his Kennel and everyone else involved in the video: Tuomas Järvelä (DP), Jonna Lehtinen (Set Design), Veikko Ruuskanen / Toast Post (Color Grade), Sumi Moreno (Make Up & Hair) and the beautiful girls in the video, Anna and Metti.

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New tour photos

by Manboy

May 29

Check out the tour pics taken on the road last weekend. We like 'em, hope you do too.


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Manboy ♥ Helsinki Pride

by Manboy

May 19

Manboy will be joining Helsinki Pride this summer for a hot night out! We'll be playing with Single Sound and The Freza at Le Bonk on June 30th. More details available of Helsinki Pride Rocks! on the Facebook event. Early birds, snatch up your tickets here.

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Unplugged @ Voice

by Manboy

May 17

Manboy visited Voice's evening show today and played a few acoustic songs from the new album, "One Dollar Under God" and the next upcoming single "How It Hurts". Many thanks to the friendly folks at Voice!


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New music video coming up

by Manboy

May 15

We just finished shooting our new music video for the upcoming single "How It Hurts". If it turns out bad or worse, we're blaming Kennel Helsinki. If it turns out great, it's just our awesomeness. Just kidding. Teemu Niukkanen directed the video, which should be ready in a few weeks. Keep you posted! See more pics of the photo shoot on Facebook.


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Manboy says happy holidays

by Manboy

April 25

Manboy visited Radio X3M during Easter and played an unplugged version of "One Dollar Under God". More coming up, Karo's interview at Suomi TV will be out on May Day. Happy holidays, folks!


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New tour dates

by Manboy

April 20

New tour dates announced, go check 'em. More coming up. Kickstart your May Day celebration with us, we'll be playing at Bar Loose, Helsinki on 29th of April - see event on Facebook.

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