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Something Wonderful

Manboy goes electronic for Kuudes aisti

by Manboy

July 23

Hi folks, we'll be playing our only gig this summer at the urban music festival Kuudes aisti on Sunday 29th July. It will also be our first electronic gig ever, featuring a selection of our songs played with a few synths and a drum machine called Toni Sinisalo. We'll be on stage at 10 PM. Go and get your ticket before it's too late! 


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Vote for Manboy's "How It Hurts"

by Manboy

January 17

If you haven't picked out your favorite music video from the Emma nominees yet, you still have a day or so to choose! Do the right thing, you know what it is.


The very best of the best, director Teemu Niukkanen and one proud rock band at the press event for Emma.

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Manboy nominated for Emma

by Manboy

November 30

Manboy's "How It Hurts" is nominated as Best Music Video Of 2011 at the annual finnish music award gala Emma. Well, we did tell you Kennel Helsinki's Teemu Niukkanen is best director in the world! If you like the video too, please go and vote for it HERE and win VIP tickets to the gala held at 20th January in Helsinki.


Manboy says thanks, cheers and hooray for Teemu!

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Live photos from Helsinki

by Manboy

October 18

Check out some seriously cool photos from our gig with Hurts!


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Interviews for Ilta-Sanomat and Voice

by Manboy

October 15

Manboy was featured in Voice and Ilta-Sanomat on fans, touring and supporting Hurts, check out the Ilta-Sanomat interview here and Voice's story over here.


Sorry folks, both are in Finnish!

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Manboy supports for Hurts (UK)

by Manboy

October 12

Manboy will be supporting Hurts (UK) on Saturday 15th October in Jäähalli, Helsinki. There might be a few tickets left to the almost sold-out concert, check 'em out here. Manboy on stage at 8 PM, Hurts at 9 PM. Hope to see you there, folks!

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Manboy on tour with Kemopetrol

by Manboy

October 8

We're happy to announce we'll be playing a few tour dates with our old friends from Kemopetrol. Some of you may know we played one of our first gigs with them over 10 years ago, as they started out around the same times as us. They have just released a new album and we'll be joining them in Helsinki, Seinäjoki, Vaasa and Tampere. More dates may be announced later on. Check our tour dates for more information.

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"How It Hurts" one of the best videos of 2011

by Manboy

September 1

"How It Hurts" was selected as one of the best finnish music videos of the year at the annual Oulu Music Video Festival. Hooray for the director Teemu Niukkanen, hooray for us! Tune onto The Voice to see the video, or check it out here. It's reaching almost 40 000 hits on YouTube and Vimeo, not bad.

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"How It Hurts" at NRJ this week

by Manboy

August 29

Our new single "How It Hurts" will be on air at NRJ with Karo's interview every day from Monday to Friday 29th August to 2nd September. If you like it, go and let 'em know!

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Manboy becoming a Russian hit?

by Manboy

July 21

As Suosikki reported: our new single How It Hurts seems to be drawing attention in Russia. Hello there!


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